RFQ Requests for Quotations

Test centers require extensive technical documents when requesting an offer.This is the only way to create a precise, correct and comparable offer for you. The determination of applicable guidelines and standards can only be determined with sufficient informations.These include e.g. component informations, informations with regard to functional safety via software, Specifications of the application and application area as well functional descriptions (mechanical / electrical / electronic) etc.

Precise information prevents recalculation, as well as inquiries from the test centers and thus a delay and your additional effort in the entire offer process.

I would be happy to provide you with all the information you need and submit it with your request for a quotation to the test institutes you want or I suggest.

Make offers comparable.Talk to me if necessary.

By phone or via  contact formular

Don't just include the testing and development costs in your projects.Calculate the time saved by external assignments.


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