Factory Inspections and  Follow-Up Inspections


Consistent production is essential for the safe marketing of a product.                                                                                      
The measures to ensure consistent production are not only carried out by certification bodies as part of their activities requiring supervision for GS or type-approval, but should also be part of the QM system for non-certified products
If the measures listed below (in extracts) are not observed, this can have serious consequences for the person placing them on the market. There is a risk of a certificate being canceled for certified products.

  • Test documentations
  • Training records
  • Measuring equipment
  • Final tests
  • Storage
  • Packaging
  • Incoming goods inspections (e.g. acc. AQL)
  • Interim tests
  • Calibration measuring equipment
  • …and many more

But also from a liability law perspective, missing documentation can be used as proof of consistent production in the event of a damage, e.g. have serious consequences e.g.. for an EU importer. Request appropriate evidence from your supplier. The fulfillment of the harmonized requirements of the production site reports CIG 021/022/023 serve as evidence of uniform production, both at the start of production and during the regular repeat tests (so-called Follow-up tests).


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